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Study Says If You Love Big Boobs You're Sexist

I wanna sexist those tits

YouBeauty - In a forthcoming study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, Dr. Swami set out to investigate “the way that social factors like sexism can impact people’s judgment of others.” He showed 361 white, heterosexual males a video depicting 3-D models of five women, from the small-breasted to the very well-endowed. After watching the figures rotate 360 degrees on the screen in front of them, the men were asked to rate the one they found most attractive. Next, the men took a survey designed to assess their gender viewpoints. The questions were based on four scales: hostility toward women, attitudes toward women, objectification of women and “benevolent sexism,” which reflects a tendency to idealize traditional gender roles, relegating women to a subservient class—like they’re doing us a favor or something. Overall—feel free to smile at this—the men most often chose the woman with medium-sized breasts as the most attractive. But—feel free to stop smiling—large and very large breasts beat out small and very small ones, no contest, especially among younger guys. (In a separate experiment, Swami found that men were more attracted to big boobs when they were hungry. Go figure.) It gets better. The men who were more sexist, hostile and objectifying significantly preferred knockers over mosquito bites. No shock there. But surprisingly, the ones who went the most gaga for gazongas were the benevolent sexists, those gentlemen who believe a lady should be a lady. Evidently, being a lady means sporting an outsized rack.

Blah blah blah I can’t understand the words that are coming out of your mouth because I’m too busy staring at your tits. Seriously this study has the most gripping headline ever and you get like 5 words into her rambling explanation and you already don’t really care anymore because you’re thinking about tits. Its like the perfect microcosm – we don’t care about what you have to say, whether you’re talking in real life or rambling about your study. We just care about your tits.

I wanna have benevolent sex with your tits. I wanna have hostile sex with your tits. Bigger is better than smaller. Too big and they get floppy and weird. And no matter how big or small I probably never wanna talk to you. Boom. Your study is done. Bottom line is I only like talking about sports, fucking chicks, and funny shit. Chances are if you’re a chick you’re not good at talking about those things so just stand there, let me look at your tits, and I will envision having sex with you.

PS – The only reason I’m looking at your tits is because you haven’t turned around and shown me your ass yet. Thats what really matters.