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Binge The Barstool Travel Show Before Tomorrow's Season Finale

Tomorrow the season finale of the Barstool Travel Show comes out. After hitting Florida, Nevada, the Portlands and D.C., our last stop is in Louisiana. There’s a reason this is the last episode: it’s the wildest. Witchcraft, swamps, French folk, ghosts, alligators, midget wrestling, gumbo — this episode has got it all.

And while the Travel Show might have gotten lost in the whirlwind of content at times, the beauty of the beast is that she’s evergreen. We designed this bad girl to be viewed at any time by anybody, and that includes you today!

So starting with Florida above, take your ride through our first four episodes (it was supposed to be five, but we cut out Cleveland because it didn’t reach the standard of the rest of the episodes. Who’d have ever thought Cleveland would turn out to be boring?) and enjoy the show.

By the way, there are some spooky fan theories about the series, like that it’s all an acid trip or that the entirety of the show takes place within the “It’s A Small World” Ride. Subscribe to our YouTube page, keep up with the journey and decide for yourself.