If You Didn't Make It To Church Today, Don't Worry, Kanye Has You Covered


I’m super hyped up after watching that. Take’em To Church/Ultralight Beam Kanye is one of the best Kanyes there is. And am I crazy or was that 32 seconds of pure unadulterated heat? Pretty sure it was. I need more. Dude was JAMMING out in front of that church chorus. His legs were wide wide wide apart behind that keyboard. So wide apart you could’ve driven side-by-side semi trucks through his legs. His thighs had to be burning something fierce after that. Probably felt like he had been doing wall sits all day.

If Kanye is going to start making bangers again then I will have no choice but to delete every tweet and blog of mine that was mean to him over the past couple of years. People always say, “Winning cures everything” when it comes to a controversial team or athlete and the same thing goes for a controversial artist like Ye. All Kanye has to do is put out a bomb.com record and we’ll all agree to forget about everything that’s happened recently. Give us something we can tap our toes to and we promise to forget it all. Do it.