Ja Rule Just Gave An Incredible Halftime Performance At The Milwaukee Bucks Game (Just Kidding, There Were Technical Difficulties And It Was Painfully Awkward)


Ja Rule just can’t catch a break! He’s piling up Ls at an ALARMING rate. He was one of the founders of the biggest failure in musical festival history, a failure so massive that it took two full-length documentaries to cover it, and now he can’t get his goddamn music to play while performing at a Milwaukee Bucks game. Performing might not be the right word because not a single person in the arena cared if his music ever came on or not. In fact they probably would’ve preferred that it didn’t.

By the way, Ja is the last musician in the world who should be complaining that he was booked for the wrong night. Ja should be happy if he gets invited to perform at a 70s Night. He should be happy if he gets asked to do a kid’s 8th birthday party. He should be happy bookers remember he exists at all. So for him to be like, “Heyyyyyyy they booked me for 90s night even though I’m a 2000s artist” is crazy given his current situation on planet Earth.

Giannis cared so little about Ja’s halftime show that he came out and started shooting jumpers


We now await word from the one and only…………..