I Will Forever Be Terrified Of Thiago Santos And His Deadly Hammerfists

Yeeeeeaaaaah, nope. I’m gonna pass on those hammerfists. Takin’ a raincheck.

Thiago Santos just made pretty easy work of opponent Jan Blachowicz in Prague, finishing him with a BEAUTIFUL two-punch combo on the backtrack in the third round of their main event bout. Santos then called for a title shot, and told the fans (through a translator) that he’d be in attendance for next weekend’s Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith fight at UFC 235 that’ll determine who holds the championship he yearns for so greatly.

Honestly, Santos vs Jones would be a super intriguing bout, because while yeah, Jones is still a far superior all-around fighter, Santos is just one of those terrifying human beings who can put anybody out with the right *bink* on the chin, y’know?! He’s just a mack truck who’ll fuckin’ stand and bang until somebody drops, and I LOVE him for that. One of the most exciting fighters on the roster, easily.



So please, Brazilian Thor, if Anthony Smith doesn’t get the job done next weekend, be our savior and knock that steroid cheat’s fucking head off. We’re begging you.