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If You Try To Interrupt This LSU Fan's Selfie You Will Get Stiff Armed To The Moon

I can’t stop watching this. I’m sure Coach O is too. In Louisiana you know how to stiff arm, it’s football country. But, this is as brutal of a L as you’ll see someone take today. Here he is just sliding into the picture, trying to let her know he’s there. Bam. Stiff arm to the moon.

I mean I guess Tennessee took a pretty bad L too. Losing to an LSU team without Tremont Waters? Having to run zone because you couldn’t defend LSU without Waters isn’t a good look too. I know road losses aren’t bad and this isn’t a ‘bad’ loss but when you’re tied with them for the SEC lead and you get the break of no Waters you have to win that game.

That’s how Tennessee ended up losing the game. I get the whole swallowing your whistle with a second to go, but you also have to call a foul when there’s a foul. Grant Williams fouled him. It was really set up because of Tennessee’s shot selection there, which wasn’t great, but Williams just has to back away and go to double OT. It’s a brutal way to lose, but Tennessee let LSU hang around.

LSU fans are the best though. They have something every game. Never forget the GOAT though