The Internet (Led By Young Pageviews) Pulled Back PETA's Head, Opened Its Mouth, And Took A Gigantic Dump Down Its Throat For Steve Irwin

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Saw this blog from Young Pageviews last night (9:40 PM on a Friday? Ok YP I see you.)  Always love hitting the mentions on tweets like PETA’s to get a barometer on where society’s at, if we’re completely hopeless or not.  And I’m happy to report back that there is still some sanity out there: everyone pulled their internet pants down and took a big old dump right down PETA’s dumb slanderous throat.

You don’t need to be an “outdoors” person to have a basic knowledge of how much good Steve Irwin did for the animal kingdom, but YP gives a great analysis of just how important Irwin was for wildlife education and conservation.  He wrestled a crocodile tho so fuck him (-PETA.)



I don’t know if it’s a product of the times or what, but PETA has gone completely off the rails.  And that’s wild to say about an organization best known for walking up to people and dumping buckets of blood on their head.  It’s like they did a casting call for professional internet message board trolls and hired the top 5 craziest to run their social accounts.  Deciding to take some resources out of like, I don’t know, the meat industry, to tweet at Marty Mush’s bird and talk shit about STEVE IRWIN.