Snowblowing Duty On Hoth Has To Suck

You know, when all your boys are out on the battlefield laying waste to Rebel Scum at their “secret base” on Hoth, the last thing in the galaxy you wanna be doing is snowblowing. That’s just a fact.

Somebody’s gotta do it, though, and it midas whale be homeboy who left his snowtrooper suit at home. I mean…he knew they were headed to there, yeah? It’s not like the Empire just said “Get on the ships!” and planned on surprising their guys once they touched down. Everyone else had their snowtrooper suits on. Did this guy not do any research at all on the planet before the trip? Just figured, “Ah, it’ll be fine, weather app has a little sun icon on it!”, did he? What an idiot. What a fucking idiot.