This Tiger Woods Bunker Shot Is Absolutely BONKERS


How? How the fuck did he do that? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. That ball should not have landed there. That can’t actually happen. It’s impossible. The only explanation for it landing there is a glitch in the matrix. Jesus Christ what a shot. He almost holed it! The man has Rub N Tug rumors swirling around him and he’s just out there hitting absolutely bonkers shots from a fairway bunker. The Rub N Tug rumors might be the best thing to happen to Tiger. Get it all out in the open. We all know he’s a horny guy. Let him get jerked off at massage parlors and he’ll play incredible golf. Maybe Rub N Tugs are the key to the whole thing.

(Yeah he missed the putt but whatever. Still an unreal shot)