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Iowa Play-By-Play Announcer Gary Dolphin Suspended For The Rest Of The Season For Saying Bruno Fernando Was "King Kong At The End Of The Game"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????????????????

For real. Is this a joke? I can’t believe what I’m reading. So since Gary Dolphin compared Maryland player Bruno Fernando to King Kong in a complimentary way at the end of Tuesday’s game he gets suspended for the rest of the season? What planet are we on? That’s OUTRAGEOUS. Dolphin was comparing Fernando to King Kong because he was a beast at the end of the game, not for any racial reason whatsoever. Like it’s a leap and half for the powers that be to come to that conclusion. So now people have to be without fan-favorite Gary Dolphin because of a harmless comparison he made? That’s fucking horse shit.

There’s something fishy going on with Iowa AD Gary Barta and Dolphin. Something is off with their relationship. It sure seems like they hate each other, or at the very least Barta hates Dolph. If you’ll remember, Dolphin was suspended earlier in the season for making very very mild comments about Iowa basketball players on a hot mic

This was Barta’s response to that

The whole, “This is a result of those comments as well as some ongoing tensions that have built up over the past couple of years” narrative came out NOWHERE. Nobody knew what the hell Barta was talking about. So my guess is Barta was waiting for an opportunity, literally any opportunity, to suspend Dolph again and it came in the form of him comparing Bruno Fernando to King Kong. Gary Barta doesn’t actually think what he said was racist, he just decided to use what he said as a reason to suspend him indefinitely. This is a non-controversy that Gary Barta is now turning into a giant controversy with the suspension. Get the fuck outta here, Barta.