Taking You Into The Weekend With A Hawks Hype Video To Take Us Into The Playoffs

This is it. The playoffs start TONIGHT. I’ve had that big game anticipation all day. Every other thought was the Hawks. “Coffee..Hawks…food…Hawks…blog..hawks…hawks blog, hawks, Giada…Hawks”. And now it’s here. We are about an hour from puck drop and I am ready to run through a wall after this video. I love the fight of this team. I love Kane. I love Toews. And I know they’re ready to go. They’re champions and they ALWAYS show up when the lights are brightest. Tonight won’t be any different. I want this to have that atmosphere in the rink. I want the anthem to be deafening, I want the rafters shaking, I want Big Jim in tuxedo, and if you are not at the game you better be at Declans. That is the official place tonight for all those who chosen to Join, rather than die. It’s a pep rally, it’s a war party. It’s the ONLY way to start the weekend. $30 for all you can drink from puck drop to the final whistle. I’ll see everyone there. #JoinOrDie