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If You Mention Mr. Kraft And Sex Trafficking In the Same Breath You Should Be Arrested

First things first. Mr. Kraft has categorically denied all charges. So as far as I’m concerned he’s innocent until proven guilty. I mean this is still America right? First they came for Meek Mill and now they are coming for Robert Kraft.

But lets just play along for a minute and say that Robert Kraft did go to a rub n tug. Who fucking cares? Everybody goes to rub n tugs. Mr. Kraft is just a lonely widow who wanted companionship and the touch of a woman. When did that become a crime? Why are we shaming him like this?

This would be like arresting somebody for gambling or arresting somebody for buying weed. You arrest the bookie. You arrest the drug dealer. You don’t arrest the customer and embarrass them like this. If this massage parlor was engaging in sex trafficking then you throw the owners in jail for life. But there was no way for Mr. Kraft to know that. You really think he’d go there if he knew that? The biggest crime here is that Mr. Kraft’s reputation is being dragged through the mud for engaging in a very common activity. It’s a smear campaign the likes of which these eyes have never seen. It just makes you wonder whether there are ulterior motives at play. Whether this is Roger Goodell’s doing? Whether anybody would care if it wasn’t for the fact we’ve won 6 superbowls. These are the questions I won’t stop asking until I get answers.