BREAKING: CBJ Trades For Matt Duchene

Sounds like the Jackets are saying “fuck it” and are just trying to win the Cup right NOW. Keeping Panarin. Keeping Bobrovsky, adding the premier center on the market. And I gotta say…I LOVE it by Jarmo. He knows the team is close. Jones, Werenski, Murray, etc on D. They’ve got plenty of juice up front and they know that they’ll probably never be this close again because Panarin and Bobrovsky are leaving. Put your chips in and worry about tomorrow…tomorrow. Hat tip to Jarmo and the Blue Jackets.

As far as how this impacts the Hawks…probably means they won’t be able to add anyone of consequence from the Jackets and CBJ was always rumored to be one of the teams interested in Anisimov. Have to imagine that is now off the table since they have all the centers they need with Duchene in the mix.