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Sigh: Fitness Couples Start New Trend With 'The Koala Challenge'

Fit-fams & humor go together like a fat-fam & exercise. It just doesn’t work out.

Our own KBNoSwag broke it down perfectly in his blog (above) about Gym Halpert and Pam Burpee AKA fitness couple Scott Mathison & Demi Bagby:

…but when it comes to the field of comedy, fitness gurus are about as seasoned as the meals in their Tupperware, so you have to expect any sketches they make to be pretty fucking bad.

And now, though it’s not an outright attempt at comedy, we have the latest cringey ‘funny fitness couple’ trend coming to us from Australia and it’s spreading faster than a case of ringworm from an unwashed crunch mat:

The Koala Challenge. ::goofy face emoji, winky face emoji::

One buff person stands firm, abs rippin’, as the other buff person goes around their body without touching the ground, abs also rippin’.

It might seem a little sexy because there’s straddling involved, and you see a lot of YPB (yoga-pants-butt). So maybe you’re thinking, “Noiiiiice, I want to try this. I want my girlfriend to climb all over me like a tree.” Well think about THIS:

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.43.51 AM

Everybody just going around doing the Koala Challenge without thinking of the consequences.

Thankfully people like John Oliver have been stepping up to help, lest we forget.

On Instagram the #KoalaChallenge is moving towards 1,000+ posts & I’d place a bet that if they haven’t yet, we’ll for sure see Gym Halpert & Pam Burpee doing this in their next ‘wacky’ viral video.

I want to say it’s cute & funny but I just can’t. *Maybe (*absolutely) I’m just bitter because I’m so incredibly out of shape & know I’d injure the back of anyone I tried to koala.