Bryson DeChambeau Tomahawking His Putter Into A Practice Green Isn't A Great Look

Listen everybody knows Bryson DeChambeau is a friend of the program. We’ve had our differences over the years but he came on the podcast, we talked them out and found common ground on a lot of issues. He’s still a big time nerd despite him thinking he isn’t a big time nerd but it was cool of him to come on the show knowing we’ve talked a ton of shit on him in the past. Most top-5 guys in the world wouldn’t be willing to do that.

And he gave Fore Play it’s most memorable moment when he buried Frankie

With all that said, disappointing stuff outta Bryson in that practice green clip. We told Bryson when he came on that we’d still call him out on the stupid shit he does and this is one of those times. Defenders of Bryson (prob Riggs) will say, “I love to see it. I love the fire. I love a guy that cares” and that’s fine. But maybe don’t take it out on the practice green like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Bryson is emotional. He’s the most emotional scientist in the history of science.

Remember his driving range meltdown?

Just gotta reel it in sometimes.

PS- Does anybody else hear the moaning in the background of that practice green clip? Was that dude watching porn and golf at the same time? Was his girlfriend getting off a quick masturbation session? Listen closely.