If Meek Mill Doesn't Visit Robert Kraft In Jail He Is A Fraud

I love the world. Earlier today in a blog I said there was 12 billion things that would have surprised me more than YNW Melly being a suspect in another murder. Well, this is definitely one of those 12 billion things. As a matter of fact I think this is the news that would shock me more than any other news I could have possibly imagined. I could have sat down and spent 24 hours trying to think of the craziest most shocking news scenarios I could imagine and none of them would have compared to Robert Kraft getting arrested for being at a Rub & Tug during a sting operation.

I bet he was a regular. I imagine Robert Kraft walking in the door and the lady at the front desk cheerfully yelling “Booobbbbbbbyyyy! Welcome back good to see you! Who do you want today?” and Robert Kraft responds with some very casual but charming response like “How are ya sweetheart?” gives her a kiss on the cheek and says “I’d like Mingfu and Lauren today if they’re not too busy?”

Just for the record this is NOT Robert Krafts first time behind bars. He actually visited Meek Mill in jail who with Michael Rubin, spearheaded the movement to free Meek Mill from jail. It’s amazing the way life comes full circle.

Meek Mill has had a HUGE image revamp since he’s been released. He dropped a successful album “Championships” and the world has almost completely forgotten that he got eviscerated by Drake. But that’s besides the point. Growing up my grandfather always told me “take care of people who take care of you”. Pretty ironic statement in this whole situation but it applies here to Meek Mill. Give the old guy a visit in the slammer. He was there for you so be there for him. Do the right thing or you’re just being a bad friend.

(If you think a guy worth $6.6 billion wasn’t released almost immediately for a Rub & Tug you’re delusional. But maybe just a call or text to check up on him would be nice!)