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"That's What We Do, Ernie. We Play Basketball" - Charles Barkley On The Impossibility Of Zion Sitting

I feel a bit weird here because I actually think Charles Barkley makes a ton of well thought out points? I know we usually clown on Barkley, but when it comes to sitting out in college hoops the one group of people we should listen to about the NCAA, etc, are guys who, you know, played at this high level where they know what it’s like.

But, he’s right. Dave mentioned it on the rundown last night too. Basketball players play basketball. It’s too easy to. There’s always a pick up game. There’s always a court. There are always dudes looking to run. It’s not like football where you have to find a pick up tackle game.

But, the real point made is actually from Kenny Smith. Yes, it’s a bit different now than when those guys played. The NCAA is making even more money. They did have the option to go to the NBA right out of high school. That’s why kids are talking about money and speaking out against the NCAA and the NBA’s one and done rule so much now.

I did enjoy Barkley talking about who is talking about money and in the same show saying he doesn’t use the ATM because what the hell is he going to do with $200. Thanks for the content, Chuck.