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Video Game Sex Lives

It takes a lot for me to enjoy youtube videos that are purposely made to try to be funny. Takes even more for me to like them if they are in French. But Mario telling Princess Peach he’s “gonna destroy your pussy” did the trick. Ryu fucking Ken convinced me. Zelda fucking Link and accidentally calling him Zelda sealed the deal. Absolutely anyone who’s ever played Zelda has thought of Link being Zelda. Even when you know its not true in the back of your head he’s still Zelda.

The Metal Gear Cardboard box. The Tetris block gangbang. Those ones in the middle I didn’t recognize but I got the impression that a bomb was going off inside that chick’s pussy for “Worms” so thats always good for a laugh too. Only thing missing for me was a Mega Man sex scene and a Goldeneye scene. Theres no doubt Mega Man had an arm cannon with sex toys he could screw on to blast chicks. And I could see a Big “Head” Mode porno with Bond and Natalya like “If you’re gonna follow me around everywhere then you might as well suck my dick.” Overall though, good stuff.