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Questions That Have Bothered Me Forever – Why Do People Buy Vowels On the Wheel of Fortune When They Seemingly Already Know What the Answer is?


So I saw somebody bring this up in the comment section the other day in a Wheel of Fortune clip I posted. It struck a nerve with me because this has always been a pet peeve of mine. Now let me say straight up that I’m not a vowel guy. Never have been. I just don’t like giving my money back to the show. I feel like buying vowels is a real sign of weakness. Like I’ll crack these fucking puzzles with straight consonants right in your face. But it’s the people who buy vowels when they already seem to know what the answer is that drives me nuts. They buy a vowel and then they solve the puzzle. It happens all the time. What is the point? What are you doing? I feel like only idiots buy vowels. Bottomline is this. I pretty much have no respect for anybody who would buy a vowel on the Price is Right. Pussies buy vowels.