If I Was The Type Of Person Who Likes To Brag Now Would Be The Time I’d Point Out That Barstool Sports Is Eating The Internet But Since I’m Not That Type of Person I Won’t.


Well it’s been quite a run so far in 2019 for Barstool Sports. Everything and I mean everything is coming up Pageviews. In fact if I were the type of guy to brag now would be the time I’d mention the following stats.

I’d mention the fact that we basically won the Superbowl and the Daytona 500 in the span of 2 weeks. That I was the 5th most tweeted handle at the Superbowl and the #1 tweeted handle at the Daytona 500

That Barstool Sports was the #1 media company on facebook at the Superbowl.  That we beat the NFL at their own game despite Roger Goodell trying to prevent us from even being a part of it.  That when we go places we take them over.

That we literally change Network ratings.

These are all things I’d mention if I was trying to prove to advertisers why they should spend their entire budget on us. That when you advertise with Barstool Sports you just don’t get ads you get influence. Unfortunately I’m too humble to mention any of this.

I’m also too humble to mention that we were #3 sports media company on social media in January. That we are now going toe to toe with Billion dollar companies with 1/1000th of their staff, a fraction of their resources and no rights to any games yet we keep gaining on them.

If I had a big ego I’d mention how dominant our podcast network is.

How we have officially passed ESPN and are now the #1 sports and entertainment podcast network in the world. How Pardon My Take continues to climb to the overall #1 spot on the charts. How we have the #1 hockey podcast with Spitting Chicklets. How we have the #1 golf podcast with Fore Play. How Call Her Daddy is the fastest growing podcast in the country. How we overtook ESPN with half the shows. (I’d ignore the fact NPR is kicking our ass) How ESPN is literally talking about us in their board meetings because they know we are coming. How badly Skipper screwed up by killing our relationship with them. I wish I could just shout this from the rooftops but it’s just not in my nature to do so.

I’d mention how Fast Company just named us one of the most innovative companies in the country.

Or how we continue to build breakout stars…

Most of all I wish I could sit down with all the haters who have predicted our demise for the past decade. All the people who really don’t understand us or know what we do. All the jealous losers and hypocrites in the blue checkmark brigade who spread propaganda about us. The Will Leitch’s of the world. The Daily Beast’s of the World. The Peter King’s of the World. I wish I could read them this article, pop a bottle of champagne and then just laugh and laugh and laugh. But again that’s never been my style. I’m just a humble newspaper boy. Instead I’ll just sit back and continue to grind and hope people will take notice. For I am nothing if not humble. Brick by brick indeed.