A Steelers Fan Site Came After Willie McGinest and Things Escalated Quickly

This can’t be an easy time for Steelers fans. What do you do when your team is collapsing like a supernova, your 2017 All Pro wideout is shooting his way out of town, your 2017 All Pro ex-running back is quoting Martin Luther King,

… while supposedly looking like King Farouk:

While said wideout is ripping the quarterback and the GM is declaring the quarterback has to rip everyone – including himself – like it’s his job.

Well when you’re a Steelers fanblog, I guess the only logical, rational thing to do is go after Willie McGinest. For the crime of … what, exactly? For saying that the GM shouldn’t be telling players to listen to Ben Roethlisberger. That instead they should all be accountable to the head coach. To team captains. And to one another. Those apparently are some fightin’ words to Steelers fans. Because reasons. And because what does Willie McGinest know about what a winning culture is all about? So tear into him for being “unprepared.”

Speaking of which, if you’re preparing to come at the king, you best not miss.

Oh, the humanity! Please, Big Willie Style. Those Pittsburgh bloggers have families! Possibly. But this is just such an example of Asymmetric Warfare and punching down, it’s probably best to just leave it at that. I mean, what can anyone who cares about the Steelers say in the face of those beatdowns? By a three-time champion who got this rare honor and made the most of it:

Saying anything more than the Patriots are built on accountability and the Steelers are built on individuals is not only overkill, it’s sort of being a bad Christian. So we’ll go no further. Other than to congratulate everyone at Steelers Depot because at least they’ll always have The Pick.