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Canadians Keep Calling 911 To Rent Zambonis And Apparently There Is Something Wrong With That

Not an emergency? Are you shitting me? Buddy. I can tell you right now that the cops are going to have to deal with this hockey tournament in one way or another. Either they’re going to have to find a Zamboni rental service for the tournament like these people called in and asked for, or they will be called to the tournament later this weekend when all hell breaks loose because they can’t clear off the ice.

You’re trying to tell me that things aren’t going to get drastically out of hand when an entire hockey tournament comes to a halt due to the fact that the ice is torn to shit and they don’t have an ice resurfacing machine to clean it up? Once the hockey stops being played, there is nothing to distract everybody there from just drinking and fighting. Tensions are already running dangerously high at hockey tournaments. Hockey players, parents and fans are always ready to rumble at any given moment. Fortunately there is usually enough hockey actually being played to distract everybody just long enough to prevent them from beating the shit out of one another.

Without that Zamboni, however, there won’t be a ton of hockey being played. And that’s where things get super dicey. So if I’m RCMP, I’m taking that 911 call for a rental Zamboni just as serious as I would with any other emergency. You just never know how many lives one ice resurfacing machine can end up saving.