Indiana Teens Are Playing The Worst Social Media Game Ever

NBC - An Indiana county sheriff’s office warned parents about a so-called “48-hour challenge” that encourages teens to go missing for up to two days at a time and awards points for every social media mention while they are missing.

“We are not trying to cause a panic amongst our community and we are not aware of any reports being taken for this now, but we would not be doing our job if we didn’t make you aware of a new ‘challenge’ that could become an issue,” the sheriff’s office wrote on their Facebook page Monday. also labeled the challenge, similar to the UK’s “Game of 72,” a “hoax” at the time.

If you’re a Sheriff and you get hoaxed by some Nigerian wire transfer scheme or in this case a Game of 48 or whatever, you probably shouldn’t be a Sheriff.

I’m just thinking about Rod Farva here out of Tippecanoe Indiana intensely laboring over the social media post for an extended period of time

And I’m having a blast. This is the perfect platform for me to bitch about one of my favorite things – kids are becoming pussies. When I ran away from home or snuck out it was not for social media attention. It was because Brian O cracked his dad’s liquor cabinet and we were off in someone’s basement passing around Bacardi 151 and chasing it with room temperature Sunny D. It was to drive out to Naperville for a night and crash some random party so your buddy could maybe get his dick touched. Literally just getting it touched was a big deal then. And you were willing to drive 45 minutes in your Dad’s Buick to get to there, hoping you’d get a piece of the action too.

Point is those are the good old days. When life revolves around booze and fooling around. Whether or not kids are actually off and doing this 48 hour challenge is entirely irrelevant. It’s the fact that we’re entertaining it as a thing that’s eating me alive. If America is known for anything it’s hard fast loose teenage years. That’s our number one fastball. Real or not we cannot sacrifice an ounce of that identity for social media likes while you were hiding out. Be a real American kid and go steal a car or start a fake ID ring or some shit. At the very least sell a couple red solo cups for 5 bucks. Whatever it is. Great. Just stop being a pussy and that goes for everyone.