Landon Collins Reportedly Cleaned Out His Locker And Doesn't Expect To Be A Giant For Much Longer. UPDATE: NOT!!!

Will someone explain to me what the fuck is going on right now? Did Gettleman forget where he put the franchise tag or some shit? I thought Collins dropping hints about not wanting to be hit with the franchise tag and Gettleman saying Gettleman things before ultimately tagging him was the mortal lock of the century. I know Gettleman has a reputation for not wanting to pay secondary players and this would all likely be a one year band aid until the G-Men either had to break the bank for Landon or let him leave after next season. But losing a guy that was a DPOY candidate a few seasons ago would be brutal, especially if he has been already tabbed for Canton thanks to the reverse mush.

The only thing I can figure is that this is all Landon trying to cause a scene because he’s not happy about potentially being tagged after undergoing shoulder surgery in December and having to play with his livelihood on the line yet again. Because why wouldn’t the Giants have traded a player they didn’t have any interest in signing long-term during last year’s abortion of a season? It just doesn’t make any sense. So I am going to believe this is all some Lev Bell/Antonio Brown/Whatever Other Steeler I’m Forgetting type posturing by Landon Collins until it isn’t, because I loved this dude on my team.

UPDATE: JK, but we are officially on #LockerWatch