Wake Up With Sammy Sosa Obliterating His 66th Home Run Of The Season

If there was ONE season of any sport you could go back and watch again, there's a good chance that it's the 1998 MLB season strictly because of the home run chase between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. Back and forth alll summer long trading home runs, it was must see TV. I remember for Christmas I got a T-shirt with Mark McGwire and all 70 home runs he hit on it, I miss that shirt so damn much.
This clip is Sosa's last home run from that season, #66 on the year, and holy shit did he hit that one. I'd love to see a whole stat cast presentation on McGwire and Sosa that summer, because those rioded up fools could absolutely send some leather into orbit. This ball was pulverized, destroyed, sent into orbit. That noise it makes makes Vlad Jr's noise sound like crickets too. For some strange reason, those guys back then were just different. This ball went in the third deck, and still was going up some people say. I'm sure it put a hole in little Tommy's glove when he caught it too, no chance I'd try and jump in front of one of those missiles for a souvenir.
It's also insane that this was Sosa's 66th homer, and he finished in second in homers lol. Griffey hit 56 and wasn't even talked about that season. McGwire and that 70 number was something. Imagine being Sosa and hitting 60 homers three times in his career, the only guy to ever do it, and he never lead the bigs in HRs. Bizzaro world.