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Comedian Mark Normand Went On A Local Cleveland News Show And Talked About Queefing

Mark Normand, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t know exactly what these local news shows expect when they bring tenured NYC comics on, but clearly they weren’t prepared for this. “We’re a clean show, so let’s keep it clean” he was told, undoubtedly, by some producer in what sounds like a very toxic green room. I suppose you get to a point in your career where you’re either tired of making these softball appearances or you know that a morning news show can serve as the perfect backdrop for some queef talk that could lead to a virality.

Case in point, this Tracy Morgan clip was one of the first videos I ever saw on YouTube:

The best part is watching the anchors try to do their job in the face of pure insanity. Watching them agonize over trying to keep the show on the rails, even as the comic is driving the bus straight down a cliff, is pure joy.

I had Mark on Barstool Breakfast a while back. It was just the two of us for two hours, as Willie was on his honeymoon, and it was a similar story. The dude is fearless, political correctness be damned. I envy that.

I went on a local news show with Chaps in Jacksonville last year. This was the best I could manage:

He was friends with the anchor and we were there to promote a cause, so I didn’t think it was the right opportunity to talk about farting. But someday, I hope to have the balls.

Check out Mark’s Tuesdays with Stories pod, or his Comedy Central special, albums, or any of his 100 late night appearances. Great comic.