Quotes From Lauren Silberman After Her NFL Combine Tryout

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) Frustrated and maybe a bit embarrassed, Lauren Silberman fought back tears after kicking her way into NFL history. She became the first woman to try out at a regional combine Sunday, but she lasted all of two kicks — none of which traveled even 20 yards. The 28-year-old New York City resident hurt her right quadriceps while preparing for the tryout earlier in the week, and attributed her struggles to that injury. “I tried staying off it and waited for today,” she said. “I didn’t even take kicks in warm-ups, and, it’s pretty hard to know that you’ll be in pain, and I wanted to work through it and I certainly tried to, but I just couldn’t do it today.” “I know I can do a lot more,” she added. While some fans on Twitter praised her for breaking through in a male-dominated sport, others wondered if this was just a publicity stunt.  “I’m just really happy I had this amazing experience,” Silberman said. “I might be the first woman trying out for the NFL, but I certainly hope I’m not the last.” With the 36 other kickers — all male — a handful of scouts and more than two dozen media watching in complete silence at the New York Jets’ practice facility, Silberman winced as she attempted her first kickoff and the ball traveled only 19 yards. She grabbed at her right leg, and then struggled for about 20 seconds to place the football on the tee before measuring her steps and trying a second kick.It went about 13 yards. “They certainly didn’t go as far as they were in practices,” Silberman said, “but I tried to work through the pain.” She then asked to see a trainer and left the practice field, and appeared to be favoring her right leg. “I did the right thing by my body by resting it. It would be very dangerous for me to keep pushing my quad if the muscles would continue to tear,” Silberman said. She wouldn’t reveal how long her kicks were in the weeks leading up to the tryout. “It’s still hard to exactly say, but I just got better day by day,” she said with a smile. “The distance is getting there.” Silberman is a former club soccer player at Wisconsin and ex-graduate student at MIT. While she never kicked a football in a competitive game, the NFL said Silberman qualified for the regional combine because of her athletic background.  Silberman paid a registration fee — $275 — and just needed to show up Sunday and take her best shot at impressing scouts. “Until they get here, we don’t have any idea of what they’re really going to turn out to do and how they’re going to perform,” Austin said. When asked if he could evaluate Silberman’s performance, Austin said: “That evaluation is completely incomplete.” Silberman, who spoke for just 3 minutes after the tryout, insisted she can “do more” and “it’s too bad that this happened.” She called the scene “surreal,” adding that she “did the right thing for my body” by not continuing and anticipates trying to kick again in the future — possibly at another regional combine next year. “I’ve always been an athlete, and I’ve always been a gamer,” she said, her eyes tearing up. “When I had the opportunity to be in the NFL, one of the world’s most competitive leagues, I absolutely had to take the chance.” Silberman’s goal was to try a 60-yard field goal. That was squashed just minutes into her tryout. “You know, the distance wasn’t there, but hopefully the scouts will notice my technique,” she said. “It’s not always length.”

In case you missed it yesterday, Lauren Silberman became the first woman to participate at the NFL combine and she set back the female gender 2 or 3 generations. Like even KO Barstool and all the feminists took one look at Lauren Silberman’s kicks and they were like “Bitch get back in the kitchen and make some sandwiches.” I mean give me a fucking break. I sincerely hope Lauren SIlberman is just fucking with us. Like she’s a closet Stoolie or a comedian who just wanted to fuck with the NFL and go to the combine just to make fun of chicks or something. Because these quotes are downright loony tunes shit. “The distance is getting there?” Bitch your kickoff went 13 yards! 36 feet! I could grab one of those retarded kids that hit 3 pointers that Sportscenter always features and get at least 20 yards out of them. “I didn’t even take kicks in warm-ups.” Well hey toots maybe you should have! Maybe you would have realized you’re the least athletic broad in the entire world and you could have spared yourself and your whole gender the embarrassment.

Honestly, unless this was just some prank and she’e fucking with us, Lauren Silberman’s NFL Combine tryout has gotta be the most detrimental thing to happen to women’s sports in a long, long time. This video and her quotes will be the butt of absolutely everybody’s joke for the next week. Not like there’s any real chick athletes who are on the verge of making an NFL team or anything, but if I was a legitimate female athlete I would be fucking furious with this housewife out there Charlie Brown’ing her way through the combine. And then blaming it on a leg injury. What a complete joke.

PS – There’s absolutely no screening process for the combine? Just pay $275 and you get to try out for the NFL Draft? If you don’t think I’m gonna try out as a long snapper next year, you are outside of your mind.