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Bottles Full Of Nut

Al Overland is not saying you should refer to almond milk as nut juice. He’s also not saying you shouldn’t.

“I’ve heard it called that,” said Overland, a dairy farmer near Sturgeon Lake, Minn. “They can call it juice or beverage, or whatever they wish, but we just don’t want them to call it milk.”

Dairy farmers, who are struggling with widespread industry consolidation, low prices and declining demand, are becoming even more fed up with all the nondairy products in the grocery store labeled as milk

I’m a milk guy. Everyone knows that. When people think milk, they think about wonderful dairy farmers in Wisconsin and all over the heartland of the country getting after it each and everyday. They dont think about some elitist farmer out there in the cashew field. Dont get me wrong. Cashews have their place but it isnt over the Fruity Pebbles of our Mick’s Tape friends.

Almonds shouldnt wash down a donut.

You shouldnt dunk your cookies in pistachios. Milk comes from a cow. Dont take my word for it. Take the internet’s.

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Sorry if you thought I meant semen.