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Jen Saviano Just Threw Her Hat In The Ring For Hottest Bachelor Contestant Ever

So last week KFC and I got into this huge argument about who the hottest Bachelor contestant ever is. It turned into a whole thing that involved yelling and name-calling on radio.

Kevin says it’s Kristina S (who was on Nick V’s season)

I say it’s Hannah G (who is on this season of The Bachelor)

Truthfully, both are great. We’re talking about the top .000000000001% of hottest contestants ever on The Bachelor. There have been so many girls over the years and Kristina and Hannah G are two of the best looking ones ever. You could be on my side or Kevin’s side and it’s impossible to say you’re wrong.

But then today Bachelor alum Jen Saviano from Ben Higgins’ season busted through the door and posted this

Fiyah. Did Jen catch wind of me and Kevin’s argument? Could be. It’s certainly possible. I’m not gonna lie, I forgot about Jen S when we were arguing. I don’t know how I did but I did. That’s on me and I’m ashamed but that post was a reminder. She’s fiyahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fiyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Roll it!