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John Wayne, A Conservative Cowboy Born In 1907, Apparently Didn't Have Very Progressive Views In A 1971 Playboy Magazine Interview

So this is the scuttlebutt on the internet today. An interview Playboy Magazine did with John Wayne in 1971 has resurfaced. And if you can even believe it, an actor who portrayed a cowboy killing Native Americans in movies during the time of segregation and Jim Crowe laws did not have the most progressive of views. I know, it was shocking to me too. As it turns out he wasn’t inviting gay people or black people to his house for a slumber party. I don’t know why anyone is particularly shocked by this news, but the Internet has CANCELED John Wayne. Does it matter he died 40 years ago? Absolutely not. The Internet does not care about time. There is no statute of limitations on the Internet coming at your neck. And John Wayne’s ghost is feeling the heat today. Some people are making light of it though, which is a good turning point for the Internet.

I’m excited to see what dead person we get mad at next. I’ll tell you what though, it won’t be Walt Disney. Everyone knows that guy sucked and a picture could emerge of him goose stepping around in black face but we aren’t gonna stop watching Lion King no matter what so people are saving their outrage energy.



PS: The actual shocking part of this story is Playboy was asking sone pretty hard hitting questions and follow ups. I know the old joke was “I only read Playboy for the articles” but I guess as it turns out, they had some pretty good articles after all. There were probably so many writers at Playboy like “no I swear, this week we predicted the world housing crisis, please read it!” and everyone was like “sure pal, that sounds nice” while cranking one out to Kendra Wilkinson.