Peeping Tom Caught Videotaping A Chick In The Shower, Says He Was Just Checking To See If His Phone Was Waterproof



A PEEPING Tom used his mobile phone to film a woman showering in a swimming pool cubicle – and claimed he was only trying to see if the phone was waterproof. Teenager Zak Hardy told police that he took his new phone into his cubicle to test how water proof it was by placing it under his shower. The 18-year-old, from Plymouth, claimed as he was drying the phone he activated the camera accidentally.

At Exeter Magistrates’ Court his solicitor Nick Bradley said Hardy now accepted that his account, made when he was not represented, was not true as he had held the phone above his head and over into the next cubicle. Hardy, of George Place, Millbay Road, admitted voyeurism by recording a private act in June at the Riverside swimming pool in Exeter. Prosecutor Ian Graham said the naked woman in the shower cubicle saw a light coming overhead from a blue phone.

He said the woman grabbed a towel and covered herself and left the cubicle to raise the alarm with staff. Mr Graham said Hardy was seen darting into another changing cubicle and staff waited for him to come out – holding his phone. In police interview he said:”He explained how he took his new mobile phone into the cubicle to see how waterproof it was. He said he then shook it to dry it off of any water residue.”

But he claimed he did not lock it and it was on a text message screen and he activated the camera and while drying it ‘it may have accidentally captured images of her showering in that cubicle – that was his account.” Hardy’s defence barrister said he had a ‘robust’ discussion with Hardy over his police account.
Have to admit, I’m sold. When I first read the headline I was like come on, checking to see if your phone is waterproof? Get the fuck out of here. But then it got even more elaborate. A series of 1 in a million occurrences all stacked on top of each other. I was watering my phone and oh whoops it was unlocked and oh whoops the camera came on and damn, my hand happened to be over the adjoining stall where a naked chick was showering. It’s one of those things where everyone in the world knows he’s lying but it’s so entertaining that he actually thought such an elaborate lie would be believable that you should let him off. Sure you may have been a creep but you made us laugh, and that sort of makes it even, except for the chick that got filmed, she’s probably still pissed off but you can’t please everyone right?
Do people who do this type of shit not know what the internet is? Even if you aren’t into regular porn there are a million videos out there that basically replay this scenario. I just assume guys who do this shit have no idea what a computer actually is. Only explanation.