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Here We Have An Amish Man Skiing Through The Snow Attached To A Horse And Buggy

The Amish be wildin huh? Bet you didn’t think the Amish were capable of that much fun. That video was taken in a little Iowa town called Waukon. Population 3,697. Now I know what people are gonna say. “Wow. Life in Iowa is so boring that this is what the people there do to entertain themselves? That’s sad” and people are probably right. Waukon, Iowa isn’t exactly Las Vegas in terms of entertainment options. But what if that’s not what’s going on? What if it goes deeper than that?

I have this idea in my head that Amish people have more fun than the rest of the world. They project this image without electricity  or internet or any other modern amenities. I picture Amish towns being like Wakanda. The name Waukon even sounds like Wakanda. It’s all starting to come together. For centuries the Amish have been portrayed as the most boring people on planet Earth but what if that’s just a cover? What if they know more about fun than any other group of people? You cross a certain line in Waukon and it turns into the most fun place in the world. Advanced electronics, fastest wifi ever, better roller coasters, better candy, the whole 9.

That video of the dude skiing behind a horse and buggy makes me think it might be true. Just a little food for thought on a Tuesday. What if the Amish are having more fun than the rest of us?