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21 Savage Finally Addressed The Meme That Almost Got Chris Brown And Offset To Throw Hands

21 Savage is a free man still living in the beautiful US of A. This unfortunately for him means his worst nightmare was turned into a viral meme sensation for the internet to all laugh at. (One of the best in awhile I must add) If you were living under a rock the last 3 weeks you can check out a collection of the best 21 Savage memes here

Offset (who has been friends with 21 before they became famous rappers) did not take kindly to Chris Brown posting some on his instagram which led to Chris Brown coming back HOT.

Unfortunately, 21 Savage’s response was not as entertaining as this beef between Offset and Chris Brown. But it was genuine and gives you some real introspection on his situation.

“It ain’t about the meme, it’s about the bigger picture,” Savage stated. “But I done been through way worse things in my life than somebody putting me on a meme,” he said. “I been shot — what is a meme? A meme is nothing. That’s something on the internet that I can do like this [turns over phone] and never see again. I look at bullet scars every day, so it’s like, a meme, bro?”

All jokes aside he comes off as real as it gets. When you’ve lived a life getting shot at and having so many people close to you die how can you let something as simple as a meme get in your head? Putting myself in his shoes he clearly has more important things to worry about than Chris Brown posting a meme. On the other hand, I selfishly would ADORE for him to clap back at Chris Brown. Rap beef is the most entertaining beef their is and seeing 21 Savage, Migos and the entire city Atlanta vs Chris Brown would be an electric feud. We can’t have everything we want but a man can dream…..