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Bernie Will NOT Be Running In 2020

That’s right, as many of you can tell from first glance of this map, the new Lord of the Rings series on Amazon Prime (slated for release in 2020) will be set roughly 500 years before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring. The dead giveaway is the Calenardhon location marker, because that indirectly states that this is before the kingdom of Rohan was founded. You know what that means? No Bernard Hill :(

King Theoden was one of the best parts of the trilogy. Breaking Saruman’s curse, evacuating Edoras to go to Helm’s Deep and the resulting battle, the speech and cavalry charge during the battle of the Pelennor Fields!?! BEAST!

There were rumors that the series was originally going to center around  Aragorn, which allowed the possibility to see my man Bernie running into the field of battle, providing hearth (and) care to all his troops, refusing the gifts of the dark overlords and being a man of the people in general. Alas, it is not to be. I guess I can still watch him going down with the Titanic, or listen to him narrating ‘Wild China’.

Speaking of the Shire, go vote for the best movie from New Hampshire. If the embedded form doesn’t work, click here.