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Teenager Alleges He's Michael Jordan's Secret Son

NY PostHoops legend Michael Jordan is being sued by a woman claiming he’s the father of her teen son, according to new report. Pamela Smith claims she became pregnant with Jordan’s son after a 1995 tryst,TMZ reports. Her son Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds — aka Taj — was born in June 1996, the site says. In December, Taj posted a video claiming Jordan is his father. ‘I have some exclusive, exclusive information I feel like everybody should know. If you’ve been hearing any rumors on Twitter, Instagram, MediaTakeout, any of that…it’s true,” Taj proclaims. I feel like ya’ll should know and I feel like he should be more in my life about it, too.” Taj claims that Jordan knows “I’m his son. I’ve met him.” “I want him to be more in my life.” The teen’s Reverbnation page —- as Taj Tareef — claims he is a hip-hop artist and likens his sound to Wiz Khalifa and Soulja Boy. The site’s bio claims the Jamaican-born, Atlanta-raised teen “is nothing short of genius” and was “producing his own tracks as a tenth grader out of Westlake High School.”  At the time of the alleged fling, the Bulls star was married to Juanita Vanoy. Smith charges in the suit, filed on Feb. 6 in Fulton County, Ga, that she wants to retain full custody but also now wants child support as well as medical expenses for her son. Smith is also pushing to make Jordan Taj’s legal last name.

Well first thing’s first he probably is MJ’s kid. Mike probably has a slew of bastards running around. He’s probably got Cromartie numbers its just we don’t know about it because he’s got enough money to keep them all quiet. More or less if you were a black woman in the Chicago area or in any city with an NBA franchise during the 90s, there’s a strong chance Michael Jordan impregnated you. If I wasn’t white, there’s a chance MJ might be my dad too.

As a matter of fact if I was a black kid, I’d pull this shit all the time. Just pick out an athlete with a questionable past and say you’re his kid. Boom. Whats the worst that can happen? Maury Povich says he’s “not the father” and everyone goes back to their normal lives. Whats the best that can happen? All the sudden you get to be Michael Jordan’s fucking son! Get a piece of that Jumpman empire! Play golf and poker with your pops, the greatest athlete that ever lived. You get to Teddy Tupperware your new Dad’s run-off and take home the left overs. You get the most awesome dad of all time right in your prime years. And, what will really happen, realistically speaking, is you’ll probably just get a huge chunk of hush money to go away. There’s literally no downside to being a black teenager and accusing star athletes of being your dad.

PS – This is absolutely gonna happen to Tiger in about 12 years