It's Time We Admit The Truth: Red Panda Stinks

So last night I was doing what I typically do. Sitting in my recliner watching college hoops waiting to see if a viral moment happened to blog it – because that’s what we’re supposed to do. During that time there was a highlight of Red Panda.

All we hear about is Red Panda. Blah, blah, blah. Red Panda. Look she catches bowls on her head and rides a unicycle. Yeah, it’s impressive. Scratch that. It was impressive. But, now we’re watching Eli Manning – it’s okay, I’m a Giants fan, I can say that. We saw greatness and now we’re watching mediocre play.

I’m just over it. The lore of Red Panda is done. Give me something new, Panda. Mix it up for me one time. You’re past your prime and it’s okay to admit that. We don’t have to keep holding onto what we once loved. That’s how you waste prime Odell Beckham time. That’s how you end up drafting Eli Apple and Ereck Flowers in the top-10.

I checked in with my guy and noted halftime show expert Vibbs who mentioned cowboy monkey riding a dog needs to be discussed more. It’s hard to argue that. I mean what’s cooler than seeing a monkey riding a dog? Just a couple of best friends:

You know what I’d rather see? Give me these gems:

It always sucks to watch the star of your days growing up turning the wrong way. Something I know Pats fans somehow don’t understand. But, it happened. I’m over Red Panda and you should be too.