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Barstool Chicago is Taking Over The UIC vs. UW Milwaukee Game For An All You Can Drink Sunday Funday This Weekend


Last month the Barstool Chicago crew went down to the Credit Union 1 Arena to take in the UIC vs. IUPUI game.  It was  blast; Carl got ejected for going bat shit crazy on a ref (shocker), we all hit our max play over bets, and we walked away fans of UIC for life.  Sister Jean and DePaul can straight up SHOVE IT.

UIC is the future of college basketball in Chicago and that is just a stone cold fact.  They’re a gritty, blue collar workman’s type team and super fun to watch and play on the coolest court in NCAA hoops:

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 5.26.50 PM

Not only that, but former U of I legend Dee Brown is an assistant coach for them, and they have the only collegiate basketball player from Ireland on their team:

Dude is a charge taking machine.  Bet he loves himself some Jameson too.  So because of all of this, we’re throwing a little Sunday funday this weekend at the Credit Union 1 Arena.  It’s really simple; you buy a $23 ticket and you get a ticket, all you can drink beer through the 3rd quarter and good D1 basketball.  So come join us – we promise you you’ll have a great time.