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Fair Or Foul: Is It Okay To Strip Down To Your Boxers While Flying On An Airplane?

So this tweet has been quote retweeted onto my timeline all day with responses ranging from shock to awe to shock and awe. But you know what? I stand with this savage. Not because I think wearing underwear on a plane and being a misplaced button away from giving everyone a free hog show should happen in the friendly skies. But the only thing worse than sitting in a seat of someone that may have been hanging brain on the previous flight are the Airplane Hardos that think you should be wearing your Sunday Best and finest derby every time you board an airplane like its the 1950s.

When you fly, you should be comfortable. Bottom line. Everyone’s on edge when they are flying. You have to get to the airport wayyyy earlier than takeoff because of security lines, may have to deal with a TSA agent getting all up in your shit, sit in airport chairs which are the purgatory of being comfortable but not TOO comfortable, and then battle it out with your fellow flightmates for positioning in line and overhead space after they board your Section, which is likely the poor section that somehow includes 90% of the plane. If wearing blogger clothes to the airport or taking off your shoes when you board the plane like our extra comfy friend here, so be it.

Now don’t get me wrong, you can’t take your shoes off if you know you have smelly feet or strip down to your underwear if you have a stinky grundle, dirty drawers, or your body looks like mine. We still live in a society with standards and the airplane is still a giant metal can with recycled air and limited sight points. But all these stories and videos of flights being delayed because someone screamed at the flight attendant usually occurs because the star of the show looks frazzled in clothes that are way nicer than anything in my wardrobe (admittedly, that’s anything above a 5 on the Nice Clothes Scale). If we allow people to get as comfortable as possible and maybe even smoke a little weed before take off, which should be legal since I imagine the sky is International Air like the oceans are International Waters, I think that we can cut those type of incidents at least in half.

As to the question of this blog, the answer is clearly Fair for all the answers above. But most importantly, if you fly on Air France, you should almost expect someone to be in their underwear. Total French Guy move and the flight attendant knew it.