"LeBron And I Get Along Just Fine" - Poor Luke Walton Is So Bad At Lying

Despite my forever hatred of the Lakers, I feel bad for Luke Walton. Maybe that’s because I’ve enjoyed watching him navigate his team to a 28-29 record, but I almost feel bad for the guy. Look at it from his perspective, you come from the Warriors where you had a shit ton of success filling in for Steve Kerr mostly because absolutely any person with a pulse could get that team to win 60+ games. Then he’s thrown into a rebuilding situation with the Lakers where everyone agrees they’re going to stink for a few seasons as their young kids develop. Not a bad strategy given how things work in the NBA.

But then, LeBron showed up. Suddenly every plan that Walton may have had in place was immediately thrown out the window. LeBron came right in and cucked the shit out of him, there’s really no other way to put it. Now, as if it isn’t embarrassing enough that the Lakers could actually miss the playoffs, poor Luke Walton is being forced to blatantly lie right to our faces. Obviously you listen to those questions you know the answers you’re going to get, he knows better than anyone that he has to say all the right things and give non answers or else its’ going to blow up into a huge story, but look at that man’s face. He does not believe a word coming out of his mouth.

Oh he doesn’t know about the reports that he’s not getting along with LeBron? That’s weird, it was only one of the biggest stories of the first half how James essentially wanted him gone. Then there were the reports that LeBron hated Walton’s play calls and basically did whatever he wanted, and how could we forget Magic blowing up at Walton when the Lakers kept losing? Look at his face when he answers that question and tell me this is a guy who isn’t spewing complete bullshit

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My next favorite part was when he was asked about if the AD trade rumors negatively impacted his team, and he said you have to ask them and tried to deny it. Uh Luke, do we not remember immediately losing by 40 points and this whole picture


I understand his desire to not wanting to give an answer, but come up with something better than that. You’re basically admitting it did without saying it. Sure they got a prayer Rondo buzzer beater to beat the Celtics, but they then immediately dropped their next two, including a loss to the pathetic Hawks. We all have eyes Luke, we can see it most definitely had a negative impact in that locker room.

Again, none of this was his fault. He took this job with a certain plan in mind, then LeBron came in and ruined absolutely everything. I’m not saying Walton is the next great NBA coach, but even he has to know he’s a sitting duck. Now he’s forced to outright lie right in our faces all because LeBron screwed him. That’s not fair, mostly because he’s terrible at it.

I laughed at the end too when he said the Lakers were definitely going to make the playoffs. They’re 3 games out of the final spot and have the 9th hardest schedule remaining in the league. If he truly believes that, he probably also believes that he’ll be the Lakers coach next season, and we all know there’s no way LeBron allows that to happen, despite his insistence that they get along great and are best friends.

He hates you Luke, everyone knows it.