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Can't Stop, Won't Stop Watching This Murder Via Trucking On The Softball Basepaths

CHOO CHOO MOTHERFUCKERS! Not since Albert Belle* have we seen this much of a certified tank on the basepaths. It almost didn’t even look real. It kind of seems like one of those old Madden clips where someone would get touched and then be instantly trucked to the ground at Ludicrous Speed. Oh well. But MAJOR props to the first basewoman for holding onto the ball. That’s heart. Also, s/o to the 1B Dad/Coach in mesh shorts not giving a single FUCK that the first basewoman is slowly bleeding out on the dirt after being steamrolled by a Panzer. That’s coaching. Or something like that. Can’t waste those baseball pants for coaching up the youth when you need them for intramural coed work league softball every Tuesday night. Guaranteed that guy lives his life in batting gloves. Guaranteed.

*RIP Fernando Vina.