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I Can't Sit By And Let Mike Grinnell Call Don Cherry A "Master Troll"

“Is this just Don Cherry being Don Cherry? Probably. Guy is a master troll. And to be honest, I can see both sides of this. I can see why you would hate the post game celebrations and I can see why you’d like it.”–Mike Grinnell

“Don Cherry wants to be the voice of hockey and for some people, he is. But if you ask me, it is just another old man yelling at the sky.”–Mike Grinell 

Michael! You can call Don Cherry a lot of things. A blow hard, a bully, a curmudgeon, senile, jingoist, egomaniac, etc. What you can not call him is a troll. Calling him a troll would suggest that Don Cherry has given anyone an ounce of thought besides himself. Nothing is manufactured. He is just who he is and he will never change. He has been pissing off a nation of Justin Trudeau types for 30+ years, but it’s not because he’s trying to. His brain just pisses people off. Grapes just doesn’t like other countries or people other than Bobby Orr. And somehow he was able to turn himself into a national treasure by being an authentic sonofabitch

As far as the Hurricanes celebrations go…it works for loser teams like Carolina, Coyotes, or the Panthers. If Edmonton or Calgary or Philly I would HATE it. It’s kinda like when your shitty kid makes something in school and you hang it on the fridge even though it sucks. Like yeah cool, Hurricanes. Nice dance. Congrats on almost being in the playoff picture. You’re s’cute.