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New Movement In Australia Where Everybody Gives Up Drinking Sounds Terrible

What good is this girl if she’s too sober to fuck you?

BBC – Australia is known for its hard-drinking men and women rarely seen without a “tinny” of beer in hand, but something is changing. In some circles, ordering lemonade instead of lager is no longer seen as “soft” – it’s fashionable. Mark Hobart is a typical, urban 30-something Australian male. He and his wife work hard at their office jobs, and to unwind they will often have a few beers of an evening, or share a bottle of wine. On weekends it’s generally more. Hobart is by no means an alcoholic, but since he first started sneaking the occasional beer with his school friends aged 13, alcohol has been an ever present feature in his life. But for most nights this past month, Hobart hasn’t touched a single drop. He hasn’t given up forever, but says he is trying to “change his relationship with alcohol” by actively abstaining. “I felt like I was just drinking all the time, and I’m at a point in my life where it’s probably not doing a world of good for my health, so I thought I’d just go without for a while, and see how it goes.” Hobart is part of a growing number of Australians who are rejecting the notion that not drinking is a personality flaw. “We’ve still got a massive drinking problem in Australia,” says Geoff Munro, the head of policy at the Australian Drug Foundation. “We’ve got a lot of people still regarding getting drunk as entertainment, but we’ve also got an undercurrent of people saying enough is enough.”

I got an honest question for people that I don’t want to be misconstrued as a joke or me trying to sound like some tough guy party boy.

But what the fuck do people do besides drink? Absolutely everything I do revolves around drinking one way or another. Whether its wine at dinner or spending a night at the bar, I don’t do anything social that doesn’t revolve around alcohol. Now I get I’m a pretty drastic case. I’m not on any men’s league basketball teams and I don’t like going to the gym. But even if you do that shit, you’re only killing like a handful of hours each week. If you’re not drinking or at least hanging out at places where drinking is occurring, what the fuck are you doing?

And I’m not gonna put down people who don’t drink. I certainly don’t trust or like being around sober people, but I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with them. If you don’t think its a personality flaw to not drink, thats fine. But don’t come around acting like it is some sort of personality flaw because I do drink. I’m one of those people who absolutely views drinking as entertainment. Not only that, but its almost the only form of entertainment. I watch TV shows and sports, and I drink. And I almost always do those things at the same time. Thats just called living life, bro.