I'm In Love With This Assistant BAMA Strength Coach

I’m a big strength coach guy. Always have been. Blame it on their contagious intensity and my overwhelming lack of self discipline. Blame it on something else. I don’t give a shit.

All I know is the Alabama Strength coach posted some videos of him working out Derrick Henry and I’m going to need assistant strength coach Red Shorts on my 16 inch softball team pronto.

This is a guy who comfortably sleeps on a bed of physio balls. A man who snorts lines of protein powder for faster absorption rates while rubbing BioFreeze on muscle groups you haven’t even heard of. A man’s man.

Red Shorts lurking around the squat racks is so BAMA it doesn’t hurt it feels good. Their head strength guy Scott Cochran is an absolute rocket of a motivator. Turns out they pay him $750,000 a year to do this shit. Great work if you can find it. Role Illini.

PS – How long until BAMA hires this guy?