The Best Movies From Each State: Results For Nevada, Voting For New Hampshire

Movie States in line

The results from the twenty-sixth installment of my totally normal and not insane 51 week study of the top three movies from each state are IN. Remember everyone got three votes, so the percentages reflect how many times they appeared on every individual vote. Here is the previous results for reference:

1. The Hangover (74%)

Here is the breakdown of how y’all voted:


I’m not saying that I’m extremely disappointed ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ was outvoted by ‘tremors’. Just not going to do it to myself. That said, I’m extremely disappointed.  Nic Cage won an Oscar for it ffs! Anyway, on to the Granite State, New Hampshire. What a nickname! As always, if a movie you like isn’t on the form, write it in. If the embedded form doesn’t work, click here.