Texas A&M's Ball Chant Is One The Best Traditions In All Of Baseball And An MLB Team Needs To Adopt It ASAP

I know Tommy Smokes blogged this yesterday, but he was blinded by the idiotic light that was shining from being a Fordham alum to realize how awesome it was. 

There might not be a better tradition in all of baseball than what Texas A&M fans do to opposing pitchers. You could be the most mentally strong person in the world, but fans chanting how many balls you’ve thrown in a row will rattle the fuck out of you 100 times out of 100.

I NEED this type of stuff in Major League Baseball. You want to talk about home field advantage? Imagine you’re going to play the Mariners knowing the Seattle fans do this kind of shit when you’re on tilt? You might as well not get on the flight. If you’re team kind of sucks, at least your fans can go nuts and try to make an impact. The Mets should do this stuff.

I’ll always remember Johnny Cueto dropping the ball back in the 2013 NL Wild Card Game as the entire city of Pittsburgh was chanting his name. The next pitch, Russell Martin hit a missile over the left center field wall for a solo shot. The place went berserk.

The fans directly had an impact in that game no doubt about it. So why not do more of this? European soccer fans chant the entire game for 90 minutes. Football fans are crazy. NBA home field is a huge deal in the playoffs. Aside from New York, Boston, and Chicago (Cubs not White Sox) there really aren’t any crazy home field advantages in the sport. That’s got to change. Just imagine if a pitcher threw three balls in a row and all of Yankee stadium started screaming ball 3. Then ball four, then five, and six. It would be incredible. Let’s make it happen.