Nothing To See Here Just Jon Gruden Murdering The Mid-90's Backwards Visor Look With Randall Cunningham


Looks like Chucky’s doing a fine job mastering a look that nobody knew existed. Oh, 1995. What a time to be alive. Decent chance Gruden is also rocking camo-cargo pants and Gin Blossems is blaring in the background. Possibly Deep Blue Something.

Gruden was only 31 at the time when he took over as offensive coordinator for the Birds in ’95. Little did Scrambling Randall know in this photo that Gruden’s new “West Coast Offense” would effectively end #12’s career in Philly. Whatever, he was washed up and too injury prone at that point anyways. It’s cool cause we had Rodney Peete, Bobby Hoying and Ty Detmer to fill the void for a couple seasons. Not like Cunningham went on to have a few record breaking years with Minnesota shortly afterwards.

Screw Vick in ’04 Madden, Randall Cunningham will forever be the best video game QB of all-time.