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Cain Velasquez Claims He Didn't Even Get Hit In Last Night's UFC Main Event...That Is A Lie

Listen, I love Cain Velasquez. I do. In his prime, he was as terrifying as any fighter I’ve ever seen in combat sports. When he knocked Brock Lesnar out, yes, he broke my little twelve-year-old heart, but he also earned my respect ’til the end of time – as anyone that could slay that beast would. I’d never just clown him without reason.

I do have to point out and correct a mistake he made last night though – and no, it’s not the mistake on rushing in on Francis “The Predator” Ngannou the second they got into that cage together to throw down in UFC Phoenix’s main event. It’s the fact that he said that he “didn’t even get touched” in that fight at his post-fight presser. Blamed the loss on blowing his knee out entirely.

That’s just not what happened.

Trust me, I definitely thought that was the case upon first rewatch of the finish, and even tweeted it out…

When you see a couple more angles of the sequence, though, and slow it down enough, you’ll realize that while, yes, his knee did give out, it only did so because his body went completely limp upon being clipped and dropped with a short right uppercut from Ngannou.

Something Dave saw right away!

Broken down frame-by-frame it’s easy to tell he was on his way down before the knee gave him even the slightest issue.

If you want to argue that if the knee doesn’t blow out, Velasquez could’ve feasibly fallen down, played guard, and used his top-level wrestling against Ngannou’s…lack of any-level wrestling, and continued, maaaaaybe I’ll give you that. I think the finish was probably imminent from the moment that short right uppercut landed, but hey, Cain wasn’t out, so maybe he could’ve recovered and avoided some of those ground-and-pound shots.

If you’re arguing the short right uppercut didn’t even land, though, well then I’ve got some bad news for ya…

You’ve been suspended from watching any and all combat sports for the next two years. Call your own fouls on that one, and be honest.