Getting Dropped & KO'd As You Blow Your Knee Out Seems Like A Horrible Case Of The Sunday Scaries

We expected fireworks in the main event of UFC Phoenix, and knew that with heavy hitters the caliber of Cain Velasquez and Francis Ngannou, this one coulda been over quick, but unfortunately, we only got 26 seconds outta these two – along with a pretty awkward finish – closing out the night on a weird note.

Upon first watch, I thought, “WOW! Francis has the touch of death! He slept Cain with the first shot he landed clean!”

On the second, I thought, “Oh shit! He didn’t even touch him! Cain blew his knee out shooting for a takedown and got KO’d on the ground!”

After a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth watch, it’s still a bit awkward, but now clear it was a combination of the two, and the short-uppercut played the main factor in this finish, for sure.

Davey MMA was right all along.

You can see it pop up his big ol’ Mexican head and drop him HERE…

…making his body go noodle, which then blew Cain’s knee out, causing his scream in agony on the way down to the canvas, and then “The Predator” poured on some fucking VICIOUS ground and pound to put an end this one.

Really such a shame to see a fight end like that, and Cain’s body not be able to handle mixed martial arts like it used to when he was in his prime, but hey – this is fighting – and that’s what happens in fighting. Mothafuckas get old. We’ll see where he goes from here, but I think it may be retirement.

That’s it for UFC Phoenix, though, and with that, concludes my coverage of it. I’m sure we’ll have some fallout tomorrow so make sure to come back here for any news on that then! Thanks folks.