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Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Mondays - One Bomb From Each Year Griffey Played
Happy Ken Griffey Jr Monday, friends. I though you all would enjoy this compilation video of one home run from each year Griffey was in baseball. Neat to watch him from a highly touted, skinny body rookie to a slightly heavier, rundown Griffey, but Father Time is undefeated as always. Some really neat and memorable home runs in here too, his first one going oppo in his very first swing in the Kingdome, going back-t0-back with his dad, an inside the parker that went over Jim Edmonds head, an absolute bomb off of Roger Clemens, #500 on Fathers Day in front of his dad, his first in Cinci, and the final one, #630 back in a Seattle uniform.
It's awesome to be able to look back at one players career and see how many memorable ones he had, cuz Ken seemed to have a lot of those. You also forget what BOMBS he used to hit, the high towering ones. Long live the Kid!
PS. With baseball season almost here, I'd love to take requests on plays, players, teams, anything you all want to see for the MLB Wake Ups, feel free to hit me on twitter, email, or if you're a real stoolie and bought Gold, drop it in the comments below and we'll make it happen. I've loved doing Ken Griffey Jr Mondays as well, but do we need to switch it up? Bonds Mondays? LMK.
37 days until Opening Day.