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Texas A&M Baseball Fans With A Rude And Classless Chant At Opposing Pitcher

It’s opening weekend for a lot of college baseball teams, and we already have the most classless chant I’ve ever seen in college athletics.

Fordham (apparently an A-10 school in the Bronx) pitcher Marc Bisogno had thrown nine straight balls against the Aggies Saturday, leading to a vicious “Ball Eight” turned “Ball Nine” chant by their fans. The announcer called it “possibly the best venue in the country for college baseball.” I beg to differ. The best venue for disrespecting and embarrassing a young student-athlete, maybe.

Especially when you consider that Bisogno clarified after the game that he only did for the fans. Respect.

I don’t care how cool it was that the chant seamlessly went from “Ball Eight” to “Ball Nine”, this was a sad showing and a black eye for the sport.

Just thought I’d share my thoughts as a baseball purist. No other reason.

No other reason at all.